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As a 20 years power user on Microsoft Excel, Frédéric is a Most Valuable Professional certified Trainer by Microsoft.

Tutorials by Frédéric Leguen

Learn Excel 2016 - Fundamentals

Learn Excel 2016 - Fundamentals

This Microsoft Excel 2016 video training shows you the best practices to use the spreadsheet leader and save a lot of time manipulating it. First how to format your data and present your worksheet in a nice and readable way. Then you learn the various possibilities of cell calculation. You also learn how to manipulate your data with filters and sorting options.

Master Excel 2016 - Advanced Technics

Master Excel 2016 - Advanced Technics

Learn how to master Microsoft Excel 2016 and become a power user with this video training. In this Excel 2016 video tutorial you learn how to create and manage huge projects with data. You will discover how to import data from text files, XML files, from the Web or a database like SQL server. Then you learn how to use advanced filters and Pivot Tables to consolidate your data.

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