How does it work ?

How to use ?

Our site now offers a proprietary universal player, a whole new way to watch your video online easily. This is an application dedicated to viewing Elephorm tutorials. Simply install it to view your training without systematically go through the site

Install Universal Player:

Simply click on "install" in the right menu and follow the steps as indicated

How to use the Universal player?

  1. With a subscription:
    1. Purchase your subscription
    2. Access to all our videos directly online
    3. While watching a video, a button labeledwhile watching a video, a button "add this training to Playlist" "add this training to Playlist" displays.
    4. Next time you launch the player Universal, the selected video will appear in your library
  2. With credits:
    1. Complete purchase of a complete training with your credits
    2. Videos are then automatically added to the playlist
    3. Next time you launch the Universal player, the purchased video will appear in your library
      To view the contents of your playlist,Go to "my account". In the "playlist", you can remove the videos you no longer wish to appear in your playlist.

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