THE UNIVERSAL PLAYER (Windows / Mac / Linux)

THE UNIVERSAL PLAYER (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Our Universal Player is a proprietary application dedicated to Elephorm tutorials viewing. It is recommended to use it for easier viewing but it is not mandatory. You can train directly on our website.

Install Universal Player:

Click on the "Install" icon below and follow the steps.

Flash content should appear right here.

You can install Adobe Flash plugin from :

If you are using Google Chrome, or if you are experiencing difficulties with installing the player, please follow theses installation steps below :
- 1st step : Install Adobe AIR runtime
- 2nd step : Install the Elephorm Air Player

How to add a tutorial to your Universal player ?

1. With a Subscription:

On the tutorial's page, click on "add this tutorial to universal player

2. With videos credits:

Videos purchased with credits are automatically added to Universal Player

Features of the Player:

1. Download (Restricted to training purchased with credits video).

In the Player library, click the icon next to the tutorial. .Please note: The unlimited subscription can not download the training on your hard-drive.

How do I manage the contents of my library ?

Go to "My Account" on, in the "playlist". You can view and delete courses from your playlist. The videos removed from the playlist will also be removed from the Universal Player.

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