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John Moores is one of the most renowned experts and trainers in the Music Technology field in the UK. Composer, producer and guitarist, his reputation as a trainer is hugely acclaimed by the most famous schools all over Europe, where he regularly teaches. John Moores is the Logic Pro Trainer Mentor for Apple EMEIA: he literally "trains the trainers" for Apple in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa.

Tutorials by John Moores

Mainstage 2.2 Core techniques

Mainstage 2.2 Core techniques

In this extensive series of Mainstage tutorials, Apple Mentor Trainer John Moores will show you how to make the best use of Apple's live-oriented innovative software. All the core knowledge every performing musician, be a keyboard player, a guitarist, a DJ or a sound engineer will be explained to the smallest details. You will learn about Layout, Edit and Performance programming levels, and how to manage audio, software instruments, third party plug-ins and mix them together. This complete video training will also teach you about the best use of Concert, Set and Patch levels of programming.

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