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Hal Schmitt is a California based photographer and the Lead Instructor of Light Photographic Workshops. Hal is a former TOPGUN Instructor and is widely hailed as one of the world's best teachers regardless of subject. Hal instructs all levels of photography and digital imaging both in California and on photo tours around the world. Hal’s style delivers results and he believes in teaching the theory and basics of everything necessary in the digital workflow. More importantly, he takes the mystery and technical complexity out of a subject allowing access for everyone. Hal will ensure you have a strong foundation, teaching the why in addition to the how, so you can quickly master Lightroom.

Tutorials by Hal Schmitt

Lightroom 4 Complete Training

Lightroom 4 Complete Training

In these Lightroom video tutorials, you will learn to use the application whether you are a professional photographer or a digital photo enthusiast. In addition to the all of the incredible tools of Lightroom 3, you will learn the new features of Lightroom 4 including Process 2012 (the Develop engine), geolocating photos, the Book Module, and more.

Nik Software Silver FX Pro 2

Nik Software Silver FX Pro 2

Learn to master the art creating and processing black and white images and discover the stunning beauty of black and white photography with NIK Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2 application where our seasoned trainer Hal Schmitt will take you through all of the fine details to enable you to unleash your black and white creativity. Create spectacular black and white version of your images and enhance them with the assortment of handy tools available to fine tune the images and enhance their tonality.

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