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Olivier Michon works as an independent videographer, primarily designing for broadcasting  studios, for nearly ten years. He created 3D  designs  for major french  television channels (TF1, France 5, Canal +, w9) Site: www.oliviermichon.fr


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LightWave 9 Complete Training Courseware

LightWave 9 Complete Training Courseware

A complete training to master Lightwave v.9 with Olivier Michon, the first certified NewTek Europe trainer. This product is translated by Ben VOST, the Newtek Europe Lightwave expert, this product exists also in French version published by Elephorm. After a general presentation of this impressive application from NewTek, you will learn the Modeler : the interface, the views and the selection modes furthermore the subdivision surfaces, the basis of modelling tools with practical examples and modelling methods used by professionals.

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