Nik Software training : Finishing Adjustments - Toning and Vignette

Toning and Vignette Controls In this tutorial, Hal will discuss about the options that are contained in the Finishing Adjustments tab. The Finishing Adjustments options discussed in this tutorial are Toning and Vignette along with their sub-options. Firstly, Hal will show you how to apply Toning Presets and manage the Toning effect controls which include Strength, Silver Hue, Silver Toning, Balance, Paper Hue and Paper Toning. Then you will see the Vignette options which include using Vignette Presets as well as making your own adjustments using the Vignette controls which include Amount, Circle, Size and Place Center. In this Silver Efex Pro 2 tutorial, you will learn to use the Toning and Vignette options from the Finishing Adjustments tab along with the individual controls that these features offer.

Nik Software Silver FX Pro 2

Learn to master the art creating and processing black and white images and discover the stunning beauty of black and white photography with NIK Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2 application where our seasoned trainer Hal Schmitt will take you through all of the fine details to enable you to unleash your black and white creativity. Create spectacular black and white version of your images and enhance them with the assortment of handy tools available to fine tune the images and enhance their tonality. With individual comprehensive tutorials dedicated to each tool and the demonstration of the recommended workflow coupled with advanced examples, you will be able to produce professional quality black and white images on your own.

In this Nik Software tutorial, you will learn how to create high quality black and white pictures from color shoots taken with your DSLR, all with newest version of Nik's Silver FX Pro 2.

Basic knowledge of digital photography, software than can host the plugin
Total duration: 2h46min
11 lessons
Total duration: 2h46min
11 lessons

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Nik Software Silver FX Pro 2

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