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These Conditions of Sale govern the sale by Elephorm training videos on demand (VOD) purchased as subscriptions, single tutorials (video credits) or complete training and whatever the amount, below after referred to as the "Products".The client acknowledges having read the following before ordering products on the VOD platform Elephorm.


When you submit your order, you accept fully and without reservation, these Conditions of Sale.


Computer equipment required: The Client must have IT equipment minimum Mac (OS X) or PC (Windows XP, Vista) or Linux or iPad next to easily track the contents of the videos on the VOD platform:

  • 1.5 GHz or equivalent processor minimum (2GHz recommended)
  • Microsoft ® Internet Explorer or Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Minimum resolution 1024x768• Internet ADSL broadband

The customer will have ensured before buying process that extracts videos broadcast on free Elephorm VOD platform and the associated soundtrack reached him smoothly, without jerky picture or sound interruptions.

Client Identifiers: The identifiers of the Customer are personal and confidential. The Customer is fully responsible for their use. The Customer shall make every effort to keep these secrets and identifiers are disclosed to others. In case of disclosure, loss or fraudulent use of these identifiers, it will notify the Customer immediately Elephorm, so that it can make them change.


Any attempt to use software not approved by Elephorm immediate suspension of the account without refund.


During the subscription period, the videos will be provided online viewing, with a time limit. Backup to local disk of videos is not allowed. The service is conditioned not to use abusive, Single User License, online viewing not exceeding 6 months by comprehensive training, the videos can not be copied to the hard drive (suction content for offline viewing banned) . Elephorm reserves the right to suspend the subscription notice if an abuse was to be found.


The downloaded videos are available in full only by using the Universal Player Mac / PC, this operation is not yet feasible iPad.


Termination of a member for breach of cgv does not entitle to a refund of unused subscription time or unused prorated.


Rates Elephorm products are in euros excluding taxes or VAT with a clear indication.Elephorm may at any time alter the mix of products and product prices. They will however be charged on the basis of rates in effect at the time of registration of the order.The video tutorials are the property of Elephorm even after full payment, only the right of consultation in a personal capacity is acquired for a period depending on the package chosen. Any distribution of video content or text Elephorm is liable to result in


Each access to a VOD product is set to single user for non-commercial use prrivée reasonable (we consider to be excessive while viewing more than six full courses for 30 days in case of slippery PASS and subscriptions). The customer will immediately be restricted if it broadcasts its access code to other users. The customer can access his training for an unlimited period. Subscriptions for access time will be specified during your purchase and your user account (3 months, 6 months or 1 year from date of purchase). The maximum number of viewing each video is unlimited but only one user can access the account simultaneously (single user license privately). A client can therefore connect two offices simultaneously with the same identifier except buying a Multi-user access, it can use its access by cons on three separate personal posts not connected simultaneously. The vacuum on the contents Elephorm site or any other method to view the videos offline are totally forbidden, an immediate suspension will be made for excessive usage diverting conventional uses respectable


Payment is made to order on Elephorm shop with secure payment (credit card), by check or wire transfer.Administrations, local government, or any other customer for which payment is made by the Treasury, can pay their bills by administrative order to 30 days.


The data recorded by Elephorm constitutes proof of all transactions between Elephorm and its customers. The data recorded by the Bank secure payment by credit card (Caisse d'Epargne SPPLUS) constitutes proof of financial transactions.


The information on products (training time, prerequisites, objectives, target audience, training, ...) are indicative. In order to make improvements, course resources can be changed without notice by Elephorm.



The contents of this site (lessons, videos, QCM, interactive exercises, downloadable, trademarks, graphics, etc..) Are protected by the Intellectual Property Code and all applicable international standards and are, unless otherwise stated, the exclusive property of Elephorm.In case of violation by the user of any of these conditions set forth herein, shall be entitled Elephorm automatically and without notice suspend or terminate access to the Internet VOD platforms, and will retain its benefit amount paid by it. In addition, any unauthorized use or exploitation of all or part of the content of these intellectual property rights undertake the responsibility of the Internet particularly in respect of Elephorm and is likely to expose him to criminal penalties.The Client may not reproduce well (unless reproduction is strictly reserved for private use and not for collective use), adapt, imitate, sell, distribute, republish, lend, rent, distribute etc.. all or part of the Products. Products may not be used in a strictly family and within strict or the client company.


The parties are relieved of their obligations in case of force majeure, that is to say when any event beyond their control or partially removed their control. Are considered as force majeure, without limitation and as a guide:• shutting down telecommunications networks,• labor disputes resulting in a general strike or sectoral• disturbances blocking means of transport and supply,• the prohibition of export or import enacted by any governmental authority,• fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, insurrections,Elephorm can not be held liable for breach of contract in case of temporary unavailability of its website.Any dispute between a client and Elephorm be under the sole jurisdiction of Chambery (73).


It is agreed that sales contracts concluded between a client and any nationality Elephorm are and remain subject to French law.In the event that the Customer is a merchant, it is agreed that all disputes concerning the formation, validity, interpretation, execution and termination of contracts of sale between the parties and they could not solve amicably, shall be submitted to COMMERCIAL COURT Chambery, which the parties attribute jurisdiction whatever the place of performance or the defendant's domicile. This clause by express agreement of the parties applies also in case of summary proceedings, several defendants or introduction of third parties.


The user gives his satisfaction with the use of personal data collected under this registration, under the client file;He has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning them (Article 34 of the law "and Freedoms").

Terms Elephorm 2010-2012.

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