Panoramic Photography training : Final tips

Use of Lens-hood and Avoiding Vibration In this quick tutorial you will see that the trainer explains to you the use of lens-hood when taking panoramic photograph on a sunny day. The importance of doing so is that the issue of the sunlight that can be seen as flare on photographs’ sides, specially taken on sunny days can be resolved. The trainer further tells you that why is it important for you to avoid vibrations while taking the pictures. You will learn that such problems take place often and by following some useful tips mentioned in this lesson, you can overcome this problem easily.

Panoramic photography professional techniques complete course

Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Learn Panoramic Photography


By Arnaud Frich


All those people who have a craze for doing panoramic photography have a golden opportunity to get knowledge of the most interesting tips, techniques and training provided by renowned French panoramic photographer, trainer and author of the famous book “Panoramic Photography”, Arnaud Frich. These tutorials will give you a learning experience in their true sense. As you go through all these lessons, you will realize that you will get to know about lots of things, which will add to your knowledge. The trainer starts of with the basics and his best presentation skills help you understand the key terms without any difficulty.

You will learn about best advance stitching programs that are used to create panoramic photographs without any errors. The programs you will learn about are Photoshop, Camera Raw, Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga. The detailed training sessions will allow you to understand the use of different kinds of cameras, lenses and tripod heads for panoramic photography, geometric projections like Spherical, Mercator, Cylindrical and Rectilinear, learn about how to deal with different picture formats like RAW, JPEG, PNG and more, setting up the camera, new functions in Autopano Giga and their use, learn how you can correct chromatic aberrations, vignetting and optical distortions and much more. The functions in the programs are explained with interesting examples that you would not want to get off the screen. In addition, the trainer also provides you with the understanding of Virtual Visits and shows how you can present your perfectly stitched panoramas.


Creating professional-quality stitched panoramas.

Level Intermediate. Experience with digital cameras.

Total duration: 6h08min
61 lessons
Total duration: 6h08min
61 lessons

Free Panoramic Photography tutorials

Free 00:25 min
Free 02:22 min

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Free 00:25 min

Introduction to panoramic photography

Free 02:22 min
2 Credits 07:57 min
1 Credit 07:27 min

Understanding projection types

1 Credit 02:48 min
1 Credit 04:07 min
1 Credit 07:00 min

Constraints and guides for panoramic photography

1 Credit 07:16 min
1 Credit 08:21 min
1 Credit 03:05 min

Panoramic heads

1 Credit 01:25 min
1 Credit 06:49 min
1 Credit 01:24 min
1 Credit 05:24 min
1 Credit 02:24 min
1 Credit 02:53 min
1 Credit 00:59 min
1 Credit 03:39 min

In the field...

1 Credit 06:06 min
1 Credit 02:02 min
1 Credit 02:36 min
1 Credit 01:01 min
1 Credit 02:25 min
1 Credit 00:52 min

Preparation of the elements

1 Credit 07:05 min
1 Credit 10:28 min

Corrections before stitching

1 Credit 11:19 min
1 Credit 08:29 min
1 Credit 03:53 min
1 Credit 12:51 min
1 Credit 05:12 min
1 Credit 08:24 min
1 Credit 13:01 min
1 Credit 09:23 min

Presenting Autopano

1 Credit 10:33 min
1 Credit 01:41 min
1 Credit 06:41 min
1 Credit 05:03 min
1 Credit 06:49 min
1 Credit 03:50 min
1 Credit 05:18 min
1 Credit 03:13 min
1 Credit 20:15 min

Aesthetic choices in panoramic photography

1 Credit 02:52 min
1 Credit 04:28 min

Autopano tools

1 Credit 18:47 min
1 Credit 04:21 min
1 Credit 03:59 min
1 Credit 05:27 min

Geometric and colorimetric corrections

1 Credit 12:03 min
1 Credit 03:04 min
1 Credit 05:42 min
1 Credit 02:28 min

Rendering a panorama

1 Credit 14:36 min
1 Credit 10:36 min

Tips for improving your panoramic photography

1 Credit 07:02 min

Retouching and finishing

1 Credit 05:45 min
1 Credit 15:09 min

Going further...

1 Credit 03:32 min
1 Credit 02:44 min
1 Credit 01:23 min
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