3D - Animation training : Introduction to the interface

Learn TVPaint 11

Discover how to master TVPaint 11 with Elephorm’s training !

TVPaint is an 2D animation software developed by TVPaint Development. It allows you to create animations, storyboards, drawings or even special effects. Throughout this training, you learn how to use and master TVPaint 11 from the fundamentals technics to the most advanced tools. You are guided by Elodie Moog, from TVPaint Development. She is in charge of the sales and the technical support but she also give trainings in 2D animation all around the world - USA, France, Canada, Japan, etc.

To begin your training, Elodie Moog introduces you to the software interface. You discover the workspace and the main tools. Then, our trainer shows you how to create your first project with TVPaint 11. She expose you the basics of 2D animation and introduce you to the layers. You discover functions like repeat images or even the stroke animator.

Thereafter, Elodie Moog shows you the coloration and texturizing tools. In order to color your animation, you learn how to use the CTG layer, its basic functions, its palette and its texturizer. Afterwards, our trainer explains you how to do a storyboard and how to turn it into an animatic. Then, you discover the shape tools and the brushes. You learn how to create a brush, how to custom it and you are formed at its advanced settings.

Then, our trainer teach you how to create FX (Special Effects). You discover the basics FX, the shadows FX or even the particles FX with the Particles Generator. Eventually, you use all the technics your have learnt before to make some rotoscopy and go from paper to computer.

Thanks to our traning on TVPaint fundamentals and advanced technics, you are able to master TVPaint 11 and to create your first 2D animation like a expert !

How to use TVPaint 11 and how to make 2D animations
Total duration: 6h45min
45 lessons
Total duration: 6h45min
45 lessons

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Free 01:03 min

TV Paint's Interface

Free 08:59 min
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Animation in TVPaint

1 Credit 08:11 min
1 Credit 08:13 min
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1 Credit 11:05 min
1 Credit 10:24 min
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Colorize and texturize an animation

1 Credit 09:01 min
1 Credit 11:32 min
Free 06:09 min
1 Credit 05:50 min
1 Credit 04:13 min
1 Credit 08:20 min

Storyboard and Animatic

1 Credit 02:10 min
1 Credit 08:07 min
1 Credit 17:56 min
1 Credit 11:53 min

Exports and imports

1 Credit 13:54 min
1 Credit 10:13 min

Drawing tools

1 Credit 09:58 min
1 Credit 15:42 min
1 Credit 09:07 min
1 Credit 12:50 min
1 Credit 11:09 min
1 Credit 10:14 min

Brushes and custom boards

1 Credit 07:20 min
1 Credit 06:02 min
Free 08:21 min
1 Credit 09:41 min
1 Credit 12:15 min

The FX

1 Credit 07:31 min
1 Credit 05:26 min
1 Credit 07:10 min
1 Credit 08:21 min
1 Credit 07:58 min
1 Credit 10:39 min
1 Credit 08:43 min
1 Credit 05:16 min

Combine FX with other tools

1 Credit 11:22 min
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1 Credit 09:31 min
Credit grand total : 41 Credits
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