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Purchasing a tutorial

Q: What is the difference between buying the tutorial and buying credits ?

R: If you want to acquire a complete video courseware, hitting the Buy button is probably the easiest way, since it’s a One-step process. Credits are more suitable to individual lessons purchases. Buying with Credits is a Two-step Process: first buy a Credit bundle, then use your Credits to activate the choosen tutorials.

Q: How can I purchase with PayPal on your site ?

R: On checkout, you’ll be redirected to PayPal’s Secure site. Just enter you PayPal account details to complete payment. Your purchased tutorial will be instantly available in your Elephorm account

Q: I don’t have a PayPal account. How can I pay ?

R: Proceed to checkout, and you’ll be redirected to PayPal’s secure site. Head on to the “I don’t have a PayPal account” section, lower right of the window. You’ll be able to pay with all major credit cards with no need for creating a PayPal account.

Viewing the videos

Q: Where do I access my purchased tutorials ?

R: Click on the “My Account” drop down menu, top right of all windows to access your account. Log in with your email and password if necessary. Hitting the “My Account” item takes you right into your library. You then just have to click on the corresponding thumbnail to open your video training, and then click on anyb lesson to watch.

Q: Can I watch the tutorials on my iPad or Nexus ?

R: Yes, you can. Videos are fully compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Q: Can I download the videos to my iPad ?

R: No, you cannot. We have an iPad native app in the pipe that will allow to view offline on Apple’s tablet. Stay tuned for updates on Twitter @elephormUS

Q: What is the universal player ?

R: Our Elephorm Universal Player allows to download your purchased video courseware to your HD for offline viewing. This is how we manage our DRM to try minimizing piracy and protect our authors.

Q: How do I install the universal player ?

R: Go to the right sidebar, and just click on the Install button. The App gets installed, and will prompt you to enter your email and password to access your purchased library.

Q: Do I need to install the player to watch the videos ?

R: No, after purchasing a video, can can stream directly with no further installation needed. However, if you want to download your training to your hard disk, you’ll need to install our Universal Player (See above)

Q: What happens when I download a tutorial to my HD ?

R: First, a folder containing all the downloaded videos is created on your HD, in the Documents folder. Then download starts.

A few things to know when using the player

  • • Only 3 videos download at a time: a progression bar indicates which 3.
  • • All other videos can be streamed.
  • • If you download and stream at the same time, you access 4 videos at once.
  • • If you internet connexion is slow, Watching + Downloading divides bandwidth by 4.
  • • Everytime you launch the player, uncompleted dowloads resume until full completion.
  • • Don’t move or rename the folder containing your downloaded tutorials.
  • • If you want to download onto several computers, fine, but you’ll have to redo it from start, as DRM does not allow copying the folder.
  • • Downloading can be long, please plan ahead if you want to take your tutorials on a trip.

Q: The videos do not stream smoothly. What can I do ?

R: It’s probably a Internet bandwidth issue. Please try one of the workarounds below:

  • • Quit the Player and stream directly from That will ensure all bandwidth is available for viewing, and none for downloading.
  • • Try turning off any internet-TV box you may have, as they block bandwidth to ensure fluid TV operation.

TIP Everytime you launch the player, download resumes until completed. You should launch it everytime you leave your computer, so that download happens when you’re not viewing.

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