Soft Proofing
Indesign 04:45 min

Simulating the Print Quality Adobe InDesign Documents Adobe InDesign has Proofi...

Creating Forms In InDesign
Indesign 06:15 min

Creating Interactive Forms using Adobe InDesign You can create forms directly i...

Vector and Bitmap graphics
Indesign 02:49 min

Introduction to Vector and Bitmap Graphics You must be aware of the types of gr...

Creating and Modifying graphic and text frames
Indesign 04:38 min

Picture and Text Frames in Adobe InDesign Adobe InDesign has a special feature ...

Document Profiles
Indesign 02:58 min

Creating a new document in Adobe InDesign You must know how to create a New Doc...

What is InDesign
Indesign 00:35 min

This is the first video of the series of video tutorials in which Mark Wood will...

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      Mark Wood is a printmaker, based in England. He provides solutions to technical and creative problems using digital media for a variety of clients, and has been involved in teaching and training throughout his career. Mark’s creative practice centres on photography and the graphic arts. He initiates personal projects for exhibition and publication. As a teacher Mark is sought for his ability to make technical subjects accessible, using clear and simple language to explain the underpinning theory and practice of graphic design and photography. He has written for several magazines including Macworld, MacUser and The British Journal Of Photography, and holds several Adobe and Apple Certifications.

      Tutorials by Mark WOOD :
  • InDesign CS6 Complete Training
    This InDesign CS6 training covers all the new features in Adobe's best selling software, but also deals with all the essential knowledge any graphic design and desktop publishing prefessional should be confident with. Your trainer is a consumate professional, involved for more than 20 years in training digital media techniques and creating his own work: Mark Wood is also holding quite a few Apple and Adobe certifications.
    60 credits / $50
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