Creating Multiple Artboards
Illustrator 05:00 min

Creating and Managing Multiple Artboards in Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator...

Linking and Embedding
Illustrator 06:15 min

Linking and Embedding files into Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator offers th...

Fill and strokes
Illustrator 04:42 min

Fill and Strokes in Adobe Illustrator In Adobe Illustrator, there are ...

Fill and strokes
Illustrator 04:42 min

Fill and Strokes in Adobe Illustrator In Adobe Illustrator, there are ...

Rectangle Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Elipse Tool, Polygon Tool, Star Tool
Illustrator 05:23 min

Shape tools of Adobe Illustrator are the main topic of discussion in this video ...

Live Paint
Illustrator 03:19 min

Using Live Paint in  Adobe Illustrator Live Paint is a very handy feat...

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      Mark Wood is a printmaker, based in England. He provides solutions to technical and creative problems using digital media for a variety of clients, and has been involved in teaching and training throughout his career. Mark’s creative practice centres on photography and the graphic arts. He initiates personal projects for exhibition and publication. As a teacher Mark is sought for his ability to make technical subjects accessible, using clear and simple language to explain the underpinning theory and practice of graphic design and photography. He has written for several magazines including Macworld, MacUser and The British Journal Of Photography, and holds several Adobe and Apple Certifications.

      Tutorials by Mark WOOD :
  • Illustrator CS6 Complete Video Training
    Learn fundamental and advanced techniques in Illustrator CS6, with professional London based printmaker and illustrator Mark Wood. 6 hours of videos focused on creating vector graphics, which you will learn to master this software in a professional manner. You will discover the subtleness of Illustrator CS6 and its new tools to help you achieve your work with ease and confidence.
    70 credits / $50
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