In this tutorial, Martin will discuss the Ableton Live 9 options available for configuring audio har...

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Martin Delaney has been using and teaching Ableton...
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Live - Ableton Live 9 Complete Course by Martin Delaney

Martin Delaney has been using and teaching Ableton Live since version 1.5, and has progressed to become the world's leading Ableton Live trainer. He's taught musicians, DJs, school kids, teenagers, and prisoners, in apartments, studios, schools, universities, museums, art galleries, prisons, and hospitals. Notable training clients include Matt Katz-Bohn from Blondie, the University of Agder (Norway), the Royal Opera House, Central School Of Speech and Drama, Radio 1 DJ Seamus Haji, Future Loop Foundation's Mark Barrott, Matt Robertson (Bjork and David Arnold), and Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim). Martin has written three 'Ableton Live Tips & Tricks' books, and the 'Laptop Music' book for PC Publishing, and writes Future Music magazine's monthly Ableton Live tutorials, as well as product reviews for Future Music, Computer Music, MacWorld, Resident Advisor, and Music Tech. He also designed the Kenton Killamix Mini USB controller - as used by Underworld, Carl Craig, and Daniel Miller.

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  • Ableton Live 9 Complete Course by Martin Delaney

    In this comprehensive series of video tutorials, Martin Delaney, Ableton Certified Trainer and Future Music Columnist will teach you everuthing you need to know to become proficient producing music, remixing, and performing on stage with Ableton's flagship software Live 9 and hardware controller Pus...

    160 credits
Set up your MIDI hardware
Live 01:26 min

It is a very important task to properly connect and configure the MIDI hardware ...

Set up your audio hardware
Live 01:28 min

In this tutorial, Martin will discuss the Ableton Live 9 options available for c...

Getting help
Live 00:43 min

Ableton Live 9 offers a great help features to rescue you in situations where yo...

Lightroom 4 Introduction
Lightroom 01:55 min

In these Lightroom video tutorials, you will learn to use the app...

Lightroom Nuts and Bolts
Lightroom 03:45 min

In this tutorial we'll learn the basic use of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4....

Live definitions
Live 03:46 min

Continuing with the basics of Ableton Live 9, in this tutorial Martin will show ...

Quick start play time with our example set
Live 04:01 min

In this basic tutorial, Martin will teach you to perform some basic yet importan...

Who am I, and what is Live?
Live 02:51 min

In this opening tutorial of the Ableton Live 9 training series, Martin Delanay, ...


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